Bituminous & Anthracite Coal Sales



We have both Stoker and Nut sized Pocahontas coal for sale by the truckload!

We have been under contract to supply the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with Anthracite since 2004.  We are contracted to supply thousands of tons during the '08-'09 fiscal year.

Buy with confidence!

We also have washed Pittsburgh seam stoker & 2X5" nut.

Buy now to avoid higher prices in the Fall.


Penn Keystone Coal supplies quality deep and surfaced mined Bituminous coal from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky for the retail, industrial, metallurgic, and utility markets in the eastern United States.


We also distribute Anthracite coal from eastern Pennsylvania for retail and industrial markets.  We are experienced in supplying Anthracite to steel mills for coke substitution in this time of met coal and coke shortages.


Allow Penn Keystone's coal brokering services to help you meet your quantity and quality needs.


Penn Keystone can supply bagged and loose bulk Anthracite and Bituminous coal to retail dealers anywhere in US and Canada. 


Attention Retail Dealers Besides Anthracite we also are supplying a new Bituminous washed Pittsburgh seam stoker and nut coal this season at reasonable prices.


Penn Keystone can supply individuals with truckloads of bulk (23-26 tons) or bagged (22.5 tons) Anthracite or Bituminous coal anywhere in most of the US and Canada.  Please email us your zip/postal code for a quote and details.


Penn Keystone is also happy to supply quality Blacksmith coal and Live Steam Coal to individuals in 50 lb bags.  We now offer PayPal and credit cards as payment options on single bag orders.


Penn Keystone has been a proud supplier of coal to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 2004 and continues to do so for the '08-'09 fiscal year and to the U. S. Gov't in 2005 and 2006.


Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.  We are always ready to assist you.




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